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National Confedaration of Unites-NCU


NCU is National Confederation of Unites got registered as National Trade Union Confederation by Government of Andhra Pradesh and going to play a very important role in negotiating service conditions, Pay & Perks and other service conditions of IT / ITES works in India. NCU will promote Decent Work in IT & ITES sectors, as per the ILO definition NCU is registered and only legal representative to take up IT/ITES workers problems in India as per law. Taking up safety of woman employees, forcing Govt of India & ICT industry to ensure safety mechanism Building up co ordination between workers in ICT industry. Bringing Fly by Night operators to court of law for shutting units. Implementation of Sexual Harassment Prevention committees as described by Indian Law.


 INDIA – A Global Hub for IT/ITES Industry.

In  2004, UNI Apro launched an Organising drive targeted at ITES Professionals such as BPO and Call Center Professionals in India.  The Project in India to organise professionals into trade union, known as the CBPOP, Project was launched in July 2004 with the establishment of two service centers – one in Hyderabad and the other in Bangalore headed by JSR Prasad.   A experienced Unionist with the Telecom Sector in India for more than 25 Years.

The basic strategy of the project is to establish contact, convince (create awareness and appreciation of trade unionism) connect (provide network for these employees) and finally to consolidate such network of professional into trade union – at the enterprise, regional and national levels.